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The Thread : Heart For The House // Chris Holm
We Have To Try // Josh & Megan Osborn

We Have To Try // Josh & Megan Osborn

January 12, 2020

Getting to Know You Question

#1 - When someone finds out what you or where you are from, what question do they always ask you?

Sermon Question Options (You don’t have to do all of these)

#2 - Josh and Megan’s mantra for their home is, "We have to try!" In thinking about your life, does this phrase inspire courage into you or create fear? Is there a new area (or an old one!) that’d you’d like to try something that seems scary or impossible?

#3 - Josh said, "It’s ok to fail. It’s after the fall - the way we get back up - that’s the best part of the story." Where do we see proof of this in the bible? (stories, men and women, etc)  Do you believe that it’s part of God’s plan that you fail?

#4 - At one point in the scriptures, Peter gets out of the boat (on the sea of Galilee) and begins to walk out toward Jesus, who is walking on water. Even though Peter became afraid and had to be saved from drowning, Peter was the one who actually tried what might not even occur to most of us. Has it ever occurred to you "to get out of the boat"?

#5 - Megan said, "You can’t love like Jesus without getting messy."  How did Jesus get messy in showing his love? Are there times you’ve been afraid of the mess that it takes (sometimes!) to love someone? 

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