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He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands: In Every Situation // Chris Holm
He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands // Chris Holm
The Kingdom During Corona // Chris Holm
Anxiety In Troubling Times // Chris Holm
Great Faith : The Supposed Tos // Chris H.
Great Faith : Walk With The Wise // Chris Holm

Great Faith : Walk With The Wise // Chris Holm

March 2, 2020

Get-To-Know-You Question - 

* Who has been your most interesting/confusing/annoying neighbor?

Sermon Questions - 

* God uses human relationships to grow our faith. However, because it is a principle, it also works in the other direction - human relationships can also undermine our faith. Give an example of how you’ve seen this in someone else or have lived this yourself. 

* Why do you believe that God designed so much of our lives to hinge on relationships with other people?

* Give some biblical examples of what God expects community and relationships to look like. What do people in a church community look like? What do they do? How do they act?

* Discuss and review some of the modern reasons we have for relational poverty (increased mobility, modern conveniences, rise of social media, etc.) What are a few things we can actively and practically do to reverse relational poverty in our lives?

* Chris left us with the question, "Are we available to others?" Do you feel, at this point in time, you’ve made yourself available to other people? Are you present and accessible?

Great Faith : Hear & Do // Chris Holm
Great Faith // Chris Holm

Great Faith // Chris Holm

February 17, 2020

Get To Know You Questions - 

* What kind of challenge are you facing this week? (Beneficial to pray about later or to incorporate in discussion about faith if you have time!)

Sermon Questions  - 

* What were your some of your initial thoughts during/after the sermon? Where are your faith levels right now?

* Discuss why the best thing that can happen to any relationship is trust building.

* What do you think God is doing or using in your life right now to grow faith in you?

* The enemy’s plan has always been to distort how we see God, to break trust, create distance, and build self-reliance in us. What is one thing that you’ve experienced or thought that did just that? How were you able to realize it and turn it around?

* What is an area of your life that you know you need to work on in the area of trust with God so that you can have a stronger relationship with Him?


India Team Testimonies

India Team Testimonies

February 11, 2020

Get To Know You -

1. Share about a missions trip experience, if you’ve had one. If you haven’t been on a missions trip, is there an area of the world that you have a heart for or a people group that you love?

Sermon Questions - 

2. What’s been your experience of prayer in public? Do you pray for people where you go? Do you have a prayer life outside of your house?

3. What was Jesus’ and the disciple’s example of prayer when they were out in public? How do we see prayer done in public in the New Testament?

4. Do you view your work and community as a mission field? In what ways do you try to make Jesus known wherever you’re at?

5. Do you actively pray for healings and miracles? Have you seen or experienced them? 

Prayer & Fasting : Do You Know Him // Julie Brammer
Prayer & Fasting : Feed The Spirit // Chris Holm

Prayer & Fasting : Feed The Spirit // Chris Holm

January 26, 2020

Getting to Know You Question 

1. What food do you love that people may think is a little odd?

Sermon Questions for Discussion

2. In the garden, the first sin wasn’t the temptation to not eat food, but the temptation to not believe that God has our good in mind. Trusting God is an issue that scripture talks a LOT about. Give a short testimony or recall a biblical example of a time that God worked for your good and proved himself trustworthy. 

3. Discuss Paul’s idea that freedom is not the ability to do anything you want. Instead, doing whatever you want is actually slavery. Possibly explain what Paul is saying by using examples in life or scriptural examples. Discuss what true biblical freedom looks like.

4. With the freedom that Paul discusses in Galatians in mind, why do you think God ask us to fast?

5. If you’ve fasted in the past, talk about your experience - the good, the bad, the frustrating, the reward, how God met you, etc. 

The Thread : Heart For The House // Chris Holm
We Have To Try // Josh & Megan Osborn

We Have To Try // Josh & Megan Osborn

January 12, 2020

Getting to Know You Question

#1 - When someone finds out what you or where you are from, what question do they always ask you?

Sermon Question Options (You don’t have to do all of these)

#2 - Josh and Megan’s mantra for their home is, "We have to try!" In thinking about your life, does this phrase inspire courage into you or create fear? Is there a new area (or an old one!) that’d you’d like to try something that seems scary or impossible?

#3 - Josh said, "It’s ok to fail. It’s after the fall - the way we get back up - that’s the best part of the story." Where do we see proof of this in the bible? (stories, men and women, etc)  Do you believe that it’s part of God’s plan that you fail?

#4 - At one point in the scriptures, Peter gets out of the boat (on the sea of Galilee) and begins to walk out toward Jesus, who is walking on water. Even though Peter became afraid and had to be saved from drowning, Peter was the one who actually tried what might not even occur to most of us. Has it ever occurred to you "to get out of the boat"?

#5 - Megan said, "You can’t love like Jesus without getting messy."  How did Jesus get messy in showing his love? Are there times you’ve been afraid of the mess that it takes (sometimes!) to love someone? 

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